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If you’re having a problem with your cat, the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants can help. Our Certified and Associate Certified Cat Behavior Consultants are qualified to help with any challenging behavior your cat may have, whether they’re a young kitten, shelter or rescue, or pedigree show cat. They can help with:

  • Litterbox issues
  • Aggression to humans or other animals
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Destructive behaviors like inappropriate scratching

We certify feline behavior experts with a comprehensive examination process. Certified and Associate Certified Cat Behavior Consultants have demonstrated their knowledge of cat training, biology, and species-specific behavior, as well as learning theory and practical training knowledge. IAABC’s certification is based on case studies, not multiple choice quizzes, and each applicant is assessed by a panel of experts in cat training and behavior.

All our consultants are bound by the IAABC Code of Ethics, which includes a commitment to using the Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive effective intervention when working with your cat.

What is a cat behavior consultant?

A cat behavior consultant is someone who specializes in preventing, managing, and modifying challenging behaviors in cats. IAABC offers online education for all stages of your career journey; we have classes in learning theory and mentorships for new students, specialized courses in feline behavior as well as our unique and comprehensive Animal Behavior Consulting: Principles & Practice syllabus. Joining IAABC at any level—Supporting, Affiliate, Associate Certified or Certified—gives you discounts on these and other courses, as well as access to our online communities and library of high-quality resources.

If you’re working or volunteering with cat rescues or shelters, consider joining our IAABC Shelter Division. We offer a Shelter Behavior Affiliate designation as well as a wealth of resources and a supportive community of volunteers, behavior professionals, and foster parents for all species.

To learn more about what an animal behavior consultant does and how IAABC can help you develop your career and achieve your goals, read our Behavior Consulting 101 series.

I need help!

Use our Consultant Locator to find someone in your area. Our Certified and Associate Certified Cat Behavior Consultants can help you identify behavior problems and develop effective and kind solutions that work for you and your pet’s unique relationship and lifestyle.

If you can’t find an IAABC Certified or Associate Certified Cat Behavior Consultant covering your area, read this article on how to find a qualified expert to work with you and your cat, and what questions you should ask them.

About the Division Chair: Miranda Workman

Miranda Workman

Miranda Workman

Division Chair, Cat Division

Miranda K. Workman, MS, CPDT-KSA, CBCC-KA, CCBC. Miranda has been President and CEO of Purrfect Paws Animal Behavior Center since its inception in July 2006 after having co-owned another business and working for others as an animal behavior and training professional. A voracious reader and tireless researcher, she strives to understand and apply the most “up to date” developments in training and behavior.

She has over 14 years experience in applied animal behavior and training. She is an experienced behavior specialist with a well-respected reputation including being listed as a WNY expert by the Buffalo News. While she works to rehabilitate many different behavior concerns of pet owners, she especially enjoys working with multi-pet households, aggression and feline behavior problems.

As the Behavior Specialist for the SPCA Serving Erie County, she has written several educational documents for adopters and presented various feline and canine behavior and education seminars for staff and volunteers. She is co-founder of their Pawsitive Journeys feline behavior foster program. She also thoroughly enjoys being a feline, canine and exotics foster parent. Over the last 14 years she has helped thousands of pets overcome medical and behavioral concerns prior to adoption. Recently she left the SPCA to accept a Shelter Consultant position with the Hornell Area Humane Society to help lead them through change focused on improved animal welfare and community engagement.

Miranda is proud to have been among a select few invited to present on feline rehabilitation and enrichment at the 2009 Humane Society of the United States’ Animal Care Expo. She served as a presenter and panel member for the Institute for the Study of Human-Animal Relations' Cats in Context symposium at Canisius College in 2013. Her feline adoption study is currently in press with the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science. She has also presented her research at various venues including SUNY Brockport and Eastern Kentucky University’s Living With Animals Conference. Her TEDxBuffalo talk, Collateral Damage in the War Against Animal Homelessness, was given in October 2014 and is available on YouTube. She is an Adjunct Professor at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY teaching Animal Learning in the undergraduate Animal Behavior, Ecology and Conservation program. She completed her Master’s of Science degree in Anthrozoology from Canisius College in 2014. She also served from 2007-2011 on the Board of Directors of the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, Inc. (CCPDT); three of those years she was President of the Board and was responsible for the creation and implementation of the first non-veterinary Certified Behavior Consultant – Canine certification exam.

She and her husband Rick share their home with two dogs (Sherlock and Athena) and six cats (Adara, Aleph, Samantha, Ares, Ro-Ro and Gandalf), and a Leopard gecko (Ragnar). She co-owns a Red-Tail Boa Constrictor (Mina) with her brother. Gone, but never forgotten, are many pets from many species who were the best teachers Miranda has ever encountered. They continue to be her inspiration from across the Rainbow Bridge.

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