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Working Animals Division

The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants is dedicated to promoting science-based training and a deeper understanding of the needs of working animals of all species.

We offer a wealth of resources for members of the Working Animal Division, including a library of handouts and information, access to our community of behavior experts, experienced trainers and handlers, and veterinary professionals.

About the Division Chair: Matthias Lenz

Matthias Lenz

Matthias Lenz

Division Chair, Working Animals Division

Born and raised in Switzerland alongside two Tibetan Terriers and a menagerie of other pets, Matthias Lenz always dreamed of working with animals.

His experiences traveling, working and living abroad eventually led him to Vancouver, Canada, where he started working with dogs. He is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner, and certified professional dog walker.

After several years training pet dogs, he transitioned into his work with service dogs.

In his current role of Puppy Training Manager for BC & Alberta Guide Dogs, he oversees the training aspects of the puppy training in both B.C. & Alberta. In addition he is responsible for recruiting, training and instructing volunteer puppy raisers on how to raise, train and prepare service dog puppies for Guide-, Autism- and PTSD service dog work.

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