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IAABC Position Statements

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Bluetooth and Smartphone-controlled Training Devices

The IAABC concludes that devices like this pose an unacceptable risk of creating unintended welfare and behavioral consequences.

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Breed Specific Legislation

The IAABC strongly opposes any legislation specifically designed to target or discriminate against dogs based solely on their breed or appearance.

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Dominance Theory

The IAABC strongly warns against the acceptance and use of dominance theory when working with behavior and training with animals.

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Referring to Veterinarians

IAABC’s Ethics Committee created the following outline of best practices for behavior consultants and trainers navigating such health-related conversations.

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Regulation in Animal Training and Behavior

The IAABC supports the regulation of animal training and behavior consulting based on the Joint Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics established in 2018 by the leading training and behavior organizations in the United States.

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