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Training Your House Tiger

Presented by Cheryl Kolus, DVM, KPA CTP

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Training Protocols Manual

(1 CEU) Tigers in zoos are regularly trained to accept husbandry, handling, and safety measures for keepers and the tigers themselves. Imagine what your cats at home can learn! This webinar covers training specifics, and the benefits and useful applications for clicker training your cat.

If tigers can be trained, so can your cat! In this webinar we will explore the benefits, training steps, and useful applications for clicker training cats.

You will leave this webinar with:

  • Steps for getting started with clicker training
  • Plans for training fun and useful foundation behaviors
  • An introduction to cooperative care
  • A free Training Protocols Manual for Cats and other resources to continue on your clicker training journey


After viewing the entire presentation, please complete this quiz to receive CEUs.


About Cheryl Kolus, DVM, KPA CTP:

Cheryl Kolus is a veterinarian with a special interest in behavior. She worked as the Behavior Center Manager for the Fort Collins Cat Rescue and Spay/Neuter Clinic in Colorado, where she not only directly helped shelter cats with behavioral challenges, but also dog and cat owners in the community by providing in-home consultations and monthly pet behavior seminars. Previous to that, she conducted and published research on clicker training shelter cats and had her own pet behavior consulting business. From 2012-2014, Dr. Kolus was on the Executive Board of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, and she remains an active member of that organization as well as the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.