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Resolving Resource Guarding

Self-Study Course

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Presenter: Sarah Dixon, CBDC

Overview: Get a close-up look at how to address dogs that growl, snarl, and snap when valued resources are in the picture. Learn how to successfully triage and tackle resource guarding issues in dogs, with professional tips, video, and case studies.

This course will help you:

  • Understand what resource guarding in dogs looks like, and why it happens.
  • Learn practical techniques to apply to resource guarding cases.
  • See how to set the dog and client up for success during training sessions.
  • Understand the roles of desensitization and counter-conditioning when resolving resource guarding, and how to apply them.

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About the Presenter

Sarah Dixon is a Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant currently practicing full time in New York City. She has fostered and trained dogs for nearly 20 years and has experience and success with many traditionally difficult to train breeds.

She has trained, competed, or titled in many dog sports including obedience, rally obedience, skijorring, dog sledding, agility, musical freestyle, herding, tricks, and nose work. Sarah has also trained several species of animals including dogs, cats, chickens, parrots, and horses.

Sarah specializes in behavior problems such as fear, aggression, anxiety, and reactivity. Most of all, she loves helping people build strong relationships with their pets.

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