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Service Dog Training: How You Can Help Owner Trainers


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Presenter: Kate Olson, KPA CTP

Owners training their own service dogs is growing in popularity - but does not always have reliable results. The dilemma is twofold: Owners aren’t aware they have access to qualified trainers, and trainers don’t realize they have the necessary service dog training knowledge and skills. Your dog training business can be the solution! Explore current trends in owner training and how you can easily integrate a four-stage service dog training program into the services you already offer.

This webinar will help you:

  • Learn what it takes to create a successful service dog.
  • Offer service dog training as a new line of business.
  • Address all stages of service dog training, from foundation training to advanced tasks, and public access.
  • Support clients in selecting the right dog.
  • Help clients maintain a training program.

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About the Presenter

Kate Olson placed her first service dog in 2012 and found it so rewarding she has been training service dogs ever since! She is passionate about supporting service dog owner trainers and helping them to filter through all the available dog training advice and ensuring their dogs are successful. Kate and her husband/business partner also train and place diabetic alert and psychiatric dogs in the region around their home in Sparta, Wisconsin, United States.

Before training service dogs, Kate worked in many fields of the animal care profession as a dog trainer, at daycare/boarding facilities, and in veterinary offices. She has competed in agility, completed internships at zoos, trained search and rescue dogs, herding dogs, and hundreds of pet dogs struggling with everything from basic manners to reactivity.



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