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Training Exotic Species


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Presenter: Ryan Cartlidge

  • Applied behavior modification techniques across all species
  • The importance of timing and mechanics with exotic species
  • Creative ways to push training boundaries and increase problem-solving strategies
  • How to get started working with exotic animals

Presented by Australia’s Animal Training Academy founder Ryan Cartlidge, Training Exotic Species takes you through some introductory behind the scenes info on working with zoo and sanctuary animals, discusses considerations when working with non-domesticated species, and outlines ways you can get started in working with exotic species.

"Training Exotic Species" is a one-hour self-study course that you can complete at any time. The course consists of a one-hour video module and a short quiz.

Class schedule: This is a self-study class that will begin on the sign-on date. Students will have access to the course for 60 days from the date of purchase.

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About the Presenter

Ryan Cartlidge is a professional animal trainer and the founder of Animal Training Academy. He has worked with exotic animal species around the world, including in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the United States. Ryan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Victoria University, in Wellington, New Zealand. After completing his degree, he began to volunteer wherever he could to launch a career in zoology.

Throughout his work across different organizations, he is regularly presented with opportunities to develop new animal training programs.

Ryan is a Fear Free certified professional, holds a Certificate of Business from Massey University, and launched Animal Training Academy, which he describes as “a membership site for animal and behavior training nerds” in 2015.

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