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Writing Mentorship with Eileen Anderson

Mentorship Course

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Course begins:
Sunday, July 18th, 2021
Online weekly meetings (1 hour) begin: July 25th at 1pm Eastern
Duration: 8 Weeks

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Eileen Anderson
Eileen Anderson

About this Mentorship

What you've got to say is important, and your writing skills can help make or break your credibility. Get help with any writing project in IAABC's Writing Mentorship for Trainers and Behavior Consultants.

Personalized help and guidance for:

  • The blog posts you've been wanting to post.
  • That book you've been meaning to write.
  • The handouts you have GOT to get done.
  • The grant that'll pave the way for the next adventure.
  • Client reportsso many client reports!
  • Your website's content and business voice.

Author Eileen Anderson will review your work, editing and discussing real-life written projects of your choice in this 8-week mentoring workshop. Along with individual review of each mentees' work, Eileen will offer examples of her own and other written pieces.

Course materials will include instructions on six major categories of writing relevant to trainers and animal behavior professionals. There will be presentations about motivation, organization, and the development of a personal voice. You'll also learn about basic search engine optimization for websites and resources for self-publishing. Worksheets, resources, and strategies will be provided for future reference, and you'll meet weekly for face-to-face live, on-line group support.


Class Schedule

This eight-week mentorship will begin on the specified start date and includes 7 weekly online meetings. Students will have access to the course material for 60 days after the course ends.


Course Completion/CEU Requirements

Auditors must review all course material. This will be verified in the Learning Management System.

Full Mentees must submit three pieces of writing during the period of the course. These may be any combination of the mentee’s own written projects and responses to writing prompts and exercises during the course. Mentor online weekly meetings are mandatory. Students who miss more than two meetings will not receive credit for the course. Students should expect to spend anywhere from 3-12 hours per week on course material and viewing, depending on individual speed of learning and the week's materials.


Online Course Cancellation Policy

  • Full refunds available more than 30 days before program start.
  • 50% refund available 16 - 30 days before program start.
  • No refunds available 15 or fewer days before program start.


About the Mentor

Eileen Anderson writes about her life with multiple dogs with a focus on describing positive reinforcement-based training to pet owners and beginner trainers. Her well-known Eileenanddogs blog has been featured on Freshly Pressed by Wordpress.com and won the award, "The Academy Applauds" in 2014 from The Academy of Dog Trainers. She published a book on canine cognitive dysfunction in 2016 that won a Maxwell Award from the Dog Writers Association of America. Her articles and training videos have been incorporated into curricula worldwide and translated into several languages.

Eileen has worked professionally as a writer and academic editor, an orchestral musician, a network administrator, a remedial college math instructor, a bookkeeper, a social work caseworker, and a trainer of computer skills in academic and workplace settings. She has co-written successful grant applications totaling $5 million. She has a long-standing interest in making technology accessible to women, people with limited literacy skills, and other under-served populations. She holds bachelor's and master's degrees in music performance and a master's degree in engineering science.


I never realized how little I knew about writing until I took the writing mentorship run by Eileen Anderson. It’s a real skill and an art (just like dog training). I had no idea what to expect of a writing mentorship. What I found was a group of like-minded individuals, each with an interest in writing combined with an interest in dogs and training, and a mentor who was supportive of each person’s needs.

I really enjoyed the group dynamics and found the interactions fun as well as informative. I didn’t know what I wanted to focus on at first, but after the first couple of sessions I became inspired. Eileen was only too happy to help with my changing goals and the flurry of submissions that I made towards the final weeks.

There was so much content provided that I will need to keep it on file and review it again to truly let it sink in. I liked that Eileen often asked what we would like to focus on. I learnt a lot from reading other participant’s questions, answers and their writing submissions. We even started a Facebook Writing Group to stay in touch when the mentorship ended: to keep some inspiration going.

I would encourage anyone interested in writing to consider the mentorship and to be prepared to try writing and submitting anything you can: the more you utilize Eileen’s knowledge, the more you will get out the mentorship. She is a wealth of knowledge and has a wonderful teaching style that never makes you feel silly for asking a question. I should know: I asked a lot of silly questions! 

-- Sonya Bevan

If you have questions, email us at courses@iaabcfoundation.org.

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