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IAABC Conference 2020

IAABC Conference 2020

Join us for four days of advanced behavior, science, training, networking and community-building! This year we'll have speakers from across the country, and at least one ocean. VIEW DETAILS

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Entrenador Canino Acreditado. Nuestra acreditación en entrenamiento canino en idioma español está disponible ahora. Esta prestigiosa acreditación está disponible ahora solamente en español.

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IAABC Journal Now Accepting New Content!

IAABC Summer Journal

Our free online magazine is a unique space to share thoughtful discussions and best practices from all over the world of animal behavior and training. The IAABC Journal is now open for submissions from members and non-members. We’re looking for content on:

  • All species: large and small, companion and exotic;
  • Great work and ideas from shelters, fosters, and rescue;
  • Working animals, from support and service to herding and guarding.

If you’d like more information, email Jesse at journal@iaabc.org.

IAABC Animal Divisions

Cat Division

The Cat Division offers evidence-based, thoughtful solutions and problem-solving for consultants.

Dog Division

The Dog Division offers behavior consultants and trainers evidence-based, thoughtful solutions and peer support.

Horse Division

The Horse Division offers a thoughtful community of professionals dedicated to resolving behavioral challenges.

Parrot Division

The Parrot Division offers education and peer support to consultants working with clients living with this rarely-understood pet.

Shelter Division

The Shelter Division offers support and expertise focused on the welfare of people working in shelters and rescues, and the animals they care for.

Working Animals Division

The Working Animal Division offers thoughtful solutions and strategies for those working with therapy and service animals.

IAABC International Divisions

Español Division

IAABC español aun está en pañales y estamos ansiosos de traer más de todo lo que ofrecemos a la División en los meses y años venideros.

Ireland Division

Our IAABC Ireland Division brings together trainers, behaviorists, shelter and rescue workers and volunteers, the veterinary community and academic researchers.

UK Division

Our IAABC UK Division brings together trainers, behaviorists, shelter and rescue workers and volunteers, the veterinary community and academic researchers.

Join the IAABC

IAABC membership includes primary enrollment in one of our 6 divisions: Dog, Cat, Parrot, Horse, Working Animal and Shelter. Members may participate in and join any and all division lists, groups and activities in addition to those associated with their chosen primary division.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Resources such as logos, posters, materials, etc.
  • Discounts on education programs
  • Conference discounts
  • Inclusion in our Find a Consultant search tool
  • Marketing materials and resources