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The Rebecca Park Scholarship

The Rebecca Park Principles & Practice scholarship will be awarded to two students per year in appreciation of Rebecca's dedication to excellence in the field.

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Applicants will submit a brief essay regarding their quest for excellence in their own work and in the community at large. The Board of Directors will then make the determination of winners.

One spring winner and one winter winner will be enrolled in the IAABC Animal Behavior Consulting: Principles & Practice course according to schedule. The total value of this scholarship is $5,400.00.

The essay submission period opened on September 1 and is due no later than November 1, 2018. Essays should be sent to president@iaabc.org. The winner will be announced 2 weeks after the deadline.

Essay should be 500 - 1500 words expressing how and why professionalism and expertise matter in your work, and how you plan to further the same kind of spirit and inclusion that Rebecca Park fostered in her life.

By offering this scholarship we hope to honor and continue the legacy of positivity and professionalism that Rebecca brought to her community.

Marjie Alonso CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP, CDBC
Executive Director, IAABC

IAABC Mission Statement

The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants' mission is to elevate the standard of animal behavior consulting worldwide by promoting continuing education, peer support and development, ethical practices through the use of Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA) principles, and the provision of quality resources for animal professionals and the pet-owning public. The IAABC believes that our strength is in our community, and we strive to provide a supportive learning and networking environment for animal behavior professionals so they can better serve their learners and each other.