The Barbara Brill Scholarship in Education

Barbara Brill has been a venerable member of the training and behavior community for many decades.

The IAABC is honored to establish the annual Barbara Brill Scholarship in Education, awarded each year to someone who has helped other professionals feel supported when working difficult aggression cases. The winner is granted free access to an IAABC course, seminar or conference of their choosing.

This is granted to someone you admire!

The scholarship will be awarded each March 15th.

  • Nominations are open February 15th through March 1st
  • Applicants submit an essay (no more than 500 words) explaining how their nominee has supported other professionals working with difficult aggression cases.
  • Please do not nominate yourself. Nominate another professional who provides safe support to others.
  • The winner will be announced March 15th.
  • The winner has one year in which to claim their prize.

Barbara Brill, BS Ed., was an elementary school teacher for many years. Her interest in dog training began with her own dogs first. She found an instructor who taught the Milo Pearsall method, a gentle departure from the Koehler method, and her life-long learning showed her the importance of using positive reinforcement in her work. In May 2000 she was asked to take over the Agbeh (Aggressive Behavior) discussion group. At the time it had 500 members. It quickly grew to around 3,000. Barbara’s work has stressed the importance of understanding dogs' reactions to various stimuli that cause them to feel unsafe. One of Barbara’s greatest contributions to our field has been in providing professionals of all levels a safe space in which to learn.

Status update: Applications and Donations are not currently being accepted.

Established 1-29-2020



The Rebecca Park Scholarship

The Rebecca Park Principles & Practice scholarship is awarded to two students per year in appreciation of Rebecca's dedication to excellence in the field.

Spring submissions open March 1st, close April 1st, midnight Eastern time.

Fall submissions open September 1st, close October 1st, midnight Eastern time.


Status update: Applications and Donations are not currently being accepted.
By offering this scholarship we hope to honor and continue the legacy of positivity and professionalism that Rebecca brought to her community.


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